Studio photo professionnel à Genève, spécialiste de la prise de vue d'objets
Watch Photography

Macro watch photography

The studio often works for customers in the watchmaking sector and is particularly specialised in macro shots of mechanisms and watch dials.


Jewelry Photography

A specialist in shiny objects

In many ways photographing jewellery is similar to photographing watches; it is a demanding specialisation that requires expertise to highlight the visual aspects of noble materials.


Pack shots and cosmetics

Promote your products

The internet has become the prime media for promoting products. Revealing their true value through high quality photography is essential to make them stand out from the sea of images.


Food photography

Eye-catching interest

Introduce people to your culinary specialities with appetising shots. Good cooking is also a feast for the eyes. A good photo should make your mouth water.


Discover the studio

The Fabien Cruchon Photo Studio has been established in Geneva since the 1990s and has acquired a reputation for photographing luxury items